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Welcome to GoneWithTheTwins.com. So what is Gone with the Twins? Well, The Massie Twins, along with a prestigious group of talented writers, are here to bring you the best in all things film, from in-depth news coverage and insightful interviews to analytical film reviews and monumental movie info. You’ll always be up-to-date about the biggest blockbusters, the smallest independent films, and the most exciting new revelations in the film world.

You’ll notice that this new site has a heavy sci-fi influence – but let us stress that Gone With the Twins is NOT just about science-fiction films. We love Star Wars as much as the next person, but the futuristic dominance here represents what is to come. It’s a reflection of what we want the site to be all about – the future of film reviews and coverage. If you like our reviews and recommendations, feel free to show us we are appreciated - send flowers, candy, sports cars, Star Wars action figures or whatever you like.

Also, you might realize that the movie review pages have a rating that goes to 11. In the words of Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap, “What we do is, if we need that extra push over the cliff, you know what we do? Eleven. Exactly.”


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Meet the Film Critics


Mike Massie - "The Action/Adventure Aficionado"

Favorite Film: City Lights
Favorite Actor: Humphrey Bogart
Favorite Actress: Jean Arthur
Favorite Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Mike Massie has been watching films since he was a small child - but unlike most kids, he's been watching them at a rate of nearly one per day for over 20 years. With that many films under his belt, he likes to think he has a comparably vast knowledge of motion pictures; and no doubt he does. Mike holds a degree in Computer Animation, works freelance as a graphic artist in his spare time (ArtofMassie.com), writes for two Arizona magazines, and is currently the Treasurer of the Phoenix Film Critics Society.

Joel Massie - "Classic and Foreign Film Expert"

Favorite Film: The Apartment
Favorite Actor: James Stewart
Favorite Actress: Grace Kelly
Favorite Director: Billy Wilder

Joel Massie has lived an almost identical life to Mike - which is not a coincidence since they're identical twins. Joel holds an extensive knowledge in cinema and often prefers classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood and Foreign films. Joel is also a member of the Phoenix Film Critics Society, holds a degree in Computer Animation, writes for local magazines, and can conquer anyone at Words With Friends.

Chris Pandolfi - "The Tim Burton Expert"

Favorite Film: Little Shop of Horrors
Favorite Actor: Johnny Depp
Favorite Actress: Sigourney Weaver
Favorite Director: Tim Burton

Although Chris never officially studied film, film theory, or even journalism in college, his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Creative Writing has taught him to appreciate story, character, and the imagination – all aspects that apply to the movies, and if there’s anything his years of living in Los Angeles has guaranteed him, exposure to movies would be at the top of the list. He has always appreciated the art of filmmaking, but it wasn’t until 2006 that he began writing reviews on various websites for new releases. Still residing in LA, his reviews can be read at his website, www.atatheaternearyou.net. He’s also an editor-at-large for Popzara.com, where he goes by the alias Dr. Invisible.

Robert Bell - "The Obscure Film Connoisseur"

Favorite Film: Leolo
Favorite Actor: Billy Crudup
Favorite Actress: Sarah Polley
Favorite Director: David Cronenberg

Robert Bell grew up next to a drive-in movie theater - which encouraged him to watch anything and everything. At the tender age of 18 he optioned his first screenplay, soon after became a freelance script doctor, published several short stories, and earned a degree in film theory from York University. You can also see his masterly critiques, focusing chiefly on character development and plot, in several nationally distributed Canadian newspapers and magazines, including Exclaim!

David Malsch - "The Art House Rat"

Favorite Film: Annie Hall
Favorite Actor (2008): Sean Penn
Favorite Actress (2008): Anne Hathaway
Favorite Director (2008): Jonathan Demme

David began his obsession with film and music at a very young age growing up in the Midwest where he treated the local independent one screen cinema as his second home. During a visit to the Sundance Film Festival in 2000 he got the idea to found the Black Point Film Festival- the first and only independent film and music festival of it's kind in Wisconsin. The festival ran for five years and in 2004, David began writing film criticism for a local weekly entertainment newspaper. David also started and hosts the Big Picture Film Series at Arizona State University, is a member of the Phoenix Film Critics Society and can be heard weekly on 1480 KPHX AM.

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